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Paving is an essential element of a landscape, but then again, it’s never on the top of the priority list when revamping your compound, yard, or garden. However, it’s vital to choose the best paving ideas because beautifully laid pavers are not only attractive but add value to your property.

They are aesthetically appealing and compliments the architectural walls of your home. The design of the most functional areas such as garden, driveway, and pool shall suit their use.

Further, these are the first things visitors see when they come to your home. Therefore, paving materials can help you to achieve a clean, modern style in your pool, footpath, driveway, and garden area.

Categories of Pavers

Your choice of paving material is motivated by the use of the paved area, the climate, architectural style, budget, and durability. However, take into consideration some elements will require regular refreshing. There are two categories of paving materials.

Natural Pavers

These include materials like limestone, bluestone, granite, or sandstone. These materials are split into small or thin layers to form slab pavers. Other natural materials are brick, timber, stones, and gravel, as well as river rocks. There are different types of limestone and sandstone stylish looks; however, they are porous and can be stained easily. These pavers have a natural look and are less expensive.

Composite pavers

These are the non-stone materials such as porous, concrete, and composite made of hardwood, bamboo, or plastics. They are mostly for pool surrounds because they are non-slip paving. These pavers have versatile finishes and a prohibitive price tag.

Best Paving Ideas

1. Natural Stone Pavers

These are used with different architectural styles. You can beautifully contrast the organic shapes with clear lines and sharp angles of the contemporary shack. Use natural late pavers around the pool to blend it with the natural garden setting.

2. Travertine

Travertine has been in use for several centuries now. It’s a dense natural limestone material that is available in grey, white, and red colours. The paver material has an organic, pleasant feel underfoot. It also has low maintenance, stain-resistant, and suitable for regulating temperature. For instance, it keeps a place warm in winter and cools in summer.  Simple backyard or large scale commercial projects use Travertine.

Photo of our completed paving job with travertine tiles

3. White Stone Deck Pavers

Stone deck tiles are hand polished but cut using a machine and are used instead of natural stone pavers because they are less costly. You can mount the tiles on fibre or plastic mesh interlocking bases without the use of grout or glue. There are different types of stone deck tiles such as marble, sandstone, and slate.

4. Concrete Pavers

Concrete paver materials are not only durable construction material but very flexible. For that reason, customizing it is easy due to its pleasing aesthetic qualities in addition to its ability to brighten a surface or space. Use regular concrete mixed with black oxide to create a striking dark grey finish to create your home driveway. Use cobblestones can be around the garden area and concrete driveway to add pattern and texture. However, cobblestones are durable, though expensive.

5. Bluestone Pavers

There are more than 20 ranges of sedimentary rock such as limestone and sandstone that appear in blue-grey colour. These pavers come in different patterns and textures. They are mostly used in paving driveway and pool surroundings. There are two types of bluestone in Australia, namely; South Australian slate, which is predominantly quartz in beige and pale grey and Victorian bluestone; a kind of basalt.

6. Liquid limestone

It’s an excellent alternative to concrete pavers both aesthetically and economically. The limestone is a mix of crushed limestone, concrete, and different additives. The mixture is spread like concrete, can be textured, coloured, or stencilled to produce a natural paver effect.

7. Clay Bricks

These are the most cost-effective pavers in Australia that offer visual interest and desired texture. Bricks are available in different colours and patterns. You can integrate brick paving, walls, or pathways to give the neighbourhood and compound a rustic appearance.

Our completed paving job in Bendigo

8. White Concrete

The paving material causes the courtyard to look clean and chic courtesy to the white concrete for covering the surface. The only disadvantage with this surface is that it’s labour-intensive, for it needs a little more upkeep to leave the surface looking clean.

9. Pastel concrete pavers

These are the interlocking cement or concrete pavers that are available in different colours. This category of paver offers unlimited options for patterns and is economical.

Pavers for our outdoor paving job in Bendigo

10. Gravel

The paving material has been in use for several years because it’s least expensive, low maintenance, and relatively eco-friendly. The crushed granite and traditional gravel comes in different colours and can be messy at times. The material should be used in areas where are fewer people using the space and where you can have plants because of its excellent drainage ability. Indeed, it’s the best option for individuals seeking an unstructured, organic look.

11. Mosaics

Risseu has been used for many years and is put into significant effect. It’s an ancient art form hailing from Italy and inspired by the sea and flowers. It involves laying several black, white, or red pebbles to create intricate designs. You can create a confetti mosaic effect by scattering a seam of marbles or jewel-like stones between the pavers.

Other pavers that you consider are the patterned encaustic tiles, grass block, ecogrinds or open concrete grids, wood deck tiles, or glass wall pool.


The article has provided you with 11 paving designs for your patio or pool, driveway, and walkways. You can use one paving product throughout the compound or different materials based on the use of the surface.

Whichever paving material you use on your pathway, pool, or yard ensures to add character and individuality by incorporating simple twists and essential details to your property. Therefore, the above creative paving ideas will make your space to spark and add value to your property.

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