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Landscape edges is that crisp edge that you see on well-designed yards. Property owners use landscape edging to accentuate their garden and prevent mowers from ruining their prized plants.

You can create a vine-covered sitting area or flower border using concrete pavers for this will hold the mulch in place and add the aesthetic value of your home. Concrete pavers can be used to make a simple trench or luxuriant edges for your garden.

Photo of our landscaping done in Bendigo with concrete pavers

The Reasons why you should Create Landscape Edges

Defines a Flower Border

Edges are typically used to create crisp lines that separate the bed and other areas in your garden. They set the border between a bed of scrub or the change from the patio and the surrounding surface. Therefore, landscape edges direct your eyes from one focal point of your garden to the other.

Keeps off Creepy Turf Grass

Landscape edging prevents plants from growing and covering the driveways or walls of your house. Further, the edges stop the mulch and soil in the garden from spilling to your lawn when it rains or watering.

Keeps People on Defined Paths

The landscape edging keeps visitors out of planting beds and restricts them to the defined walkways.

It’s a Practical Mowing Strip

You can create a flat and wide landscape edge to accommodate the wheels of your lawnmower. This will help to manicure your edges without using a string trimmer or damaging tender plants at the edge of the lawn. Therefore, you should build a firm edge that can endure the weight of the garden cart, mowers or children.

Types of Landscape Edging

Mowing Strip

These are flat, broad, firm base created with concrete suitable for the wheels of your lawnmower.

Beauty Edging

They are strips that are created purely for aesthetic purposes. These edges are virtually limitless. You can use different colours that complement the surrounding foliage or sharp contrast to the flowers. Many people link the edge to the garden through the use of plants and edge of similar colour and tone.

Lawn Divider

It’s a shallow, V-shaped ditch or trenched edge that divides your garden beds and lawn.

Mulch Capture

You can use the landscape edge to keep the mulched bed in order.

Types of Concrete in Landscape Edging

Concrete is a popular garden edging material because of its weather resistance ability and strength. Most people think that concrete surfaces can never have a visual appeal; however, there are different garden edging options that can add aesthetic value to your home.

Concrete landscape edging job done in Bendigo with concrete pavers

1. Concrete Curb

It’s one of the most popular options that can give you a classic curb look. It’s a raised edge that highlights the features of your garden as well as other landscapes. You can create any look that you want with this type of concrete because of its flexibility and allows you to shape the edge the way you want.

The 4X6 concrete curb defines the garden and other landscape features. One of the many advantages of this option is that it’s permanent and has no maintenance other than occasional cleaning. Concrete is a durable material; however, you have to lay it well. For that reason, you can invite our experts to come and integrate it with other landscape in your garden or property. They will create straight or curved strips with the concrete curb, thus differentiating the lawn from the garden or walkways. Bendigo Paving Contractors can maintain your yard now and then.

2. Stamped Concrete

You can add patterns or stamp on your concrete edges in imitation of other materials like tile, brick, stone or flagstone. The process of installing such an edge is pouring the concrete on the marked sections where you want to have the edge and then texturising it with a tool bearing the patterns you wish to have. This process is more involving than just pouring ordinary concrete.

However, irrespective of the amount of work this option will give you a beautiful edge of any colour and texture. Therefore, this option combines both the appearance and functionality perfectly without compromising on either.

The main advantage of stamped or patterned concrete is that it’s durable and a reliable choice. Its beauty increases the value of your property, thus enhancing its resale price. On the other hand, a stamped concrete may require occasional reseal to maintain its appearance and extend its lifetime. Indeed, stamped concrete is an excellent way of edging the garden.

3. Lighted Concrete Borders

You can illuminate your landscape using concrete borders. This is achieved by pouring concrete and creating a channel at the back and embed rope lights or LED lights along with it. These surfaces provide clutter-free space. More so, you can use this option to uplift your landscape without installing small lights on the yard but instead installing them on edge. You can experiment with different coloured lights.

On the other hand, this added features increases maintenance, and you will require the assistance of paving experts like Bendigo Paving Contractors.

Pros of Concrete Landscape Edging

  • It’s a durable option that can withstand the test of time. This material doesn’t warp, rust, or fade like other landscape edging options. The concrete edge will remain firm and stable once it dries.
  • Most property owners hide their garden edging; however, concrete is attractive and can be improved by creating patterns or painting it.
  • The landscaping edging material has a low cost of maintenance for it doesn’t require constant resealing like other materials.


  • The surface can get stained; thus, you will need to clean it regularly.
  • Concrete is labour-intensive, and you may require specialised tools when pouring and creating patterns.
  • It’s expensive to install, and the chance of not turning out as intended is high.
  • Concrete is long-lasting, so it’s not recommended for homeowners that like changing the appearance and shape of their lawns and gardens every year.

You can contact Bendigo Paving contractors for your landscape edging project. These experts will provide you with various paving materials for your lawns, driveways and patios. Contact us 0490 346 388 or email us at [email protected].

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