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There is a wide range of inspirational home improvements ideas that you can adopt to change the appearance of your home. One of these ideas is a well-done driveway, for it has the potential of making your home noticeable in the neighbourhood.  

An outstanding driveway will increase the aesthetic value and worth of your home. On the other hand, designing a driveway is a daunting task, as well as paving it yourself. It quite a challenge to figure out where to start, the tools, and the materials to use. 

The article will provide you with tips on how to install a driveway with a sense of style and harmony. These driveway paving ideas are inspirational and will give your home the introduction it deserves.

Driveway paving job done in Bendigo by our paving contractors

Factors to Put into Consideration  

Why You Need a Driveway 

A driveway is an essential feature at your home. You use it for parking your cars, driving, walking, and for children playing their favourite games. As stated, the best-looking driveway wows onlookers and makes your home stand out. Upgrading your driveway offers a good return on investments because it boosts your home value. 

For those reasons, you need to build a new driveway whenever your driveway develops cracks and potholes. Further, you may replace a weathered driveway with a new, well-designed one. Search and pick one of the top driveways paving ideas that blend well with your home’s design.   

Local Regulations 

Making changes on your property doesn’t only require a reasonable budget but also permission from the relevant authority. Thus, before hiring Bendigo Paving Contractors for a new driveway, you need first to obtain permission from the concerned authorities. Therefore, make sure your new driveway paving idea is acceptable or meets the local authorities’ requirements.  

Aesthetic Issues  

You need to factor in the exterior style of your home when planning a new driveway. Visualize how the driveway paving ideas in your mind will blend well with your home’s architectural design and the general feel. Thus, opt for a paving design that matches well with your home and landscape. 


Even the best driveway paving ideas have a maintenance aspect that requires your energy, money, and time to keep it in the best state and shape. This feature varies from one paving material to the other, while the surrounding geography and climate play a significant role when it comes to durability. Thus choose a driveway paving material that will last many years when properly maintained.   

Dimensions and Shapes 

Consider the shape of the driveway and the course it will take, mainly when the local authorities give the freedom to install a design of choice. Some of the driveway paving ideas include circular driveways, curved driveways, and straight driveways.   

If possible, consider a driveway that can accommodate more than two cars. Other considerations are parking and turn-around space, the direction of the garage as well as your property’s terrain. Preserving nature in your property increases the value of your home, thus minimize cutting trees in your surroundings as you try to make way for a driveway.   

Think and Consult  

Remodelling your home is an involving task that can’t be decided on in a single day. Thus, you have to consult widely or think expansively. Further, it’s expensive to install a driveway, so you need to create a budget, establish whether you can afford it and source for funds. 

Consult with different contractors such as Bendigo Paving Contractors and get an estimate of how much the project will cost you. Select the contractor with a fair-minded estimate, robust information, and a broad list of driveway paving ideas for your project.  

Driveway Styles and Design Ideas

Driveway paving job completed in Bendigo
Block Paving Driveway 

These are designs that have been in the home improvement sector for decades now. They are favourite among homeowners because they can bear any vehicle model.  

These pavers are available in different colours, styles, and patterns; hence you only need to select a driveway paving idea and design that matches your taste.  

Further, the design is versatile, durable, has less maintenance cost, suitable for all-weather seasons, and boosts the value of your home. 

Concrete Driveway 

Most homeowners prefer concrete driveways because it’s a distinctive material with different driveway designing, shades, and patterns options. Concrete driveways have low annual maintenance, but you have to seal the driveway after installation to enhance its lifespan. It’s an ideal paving material for homeowners living in polar and temperate zones. 

Concrete is one of the best driveway paving ideas because it blends well with different home designs and is celebrated in adding more aesthetic value of your property.   

Pattern imprinted concrete driveways are durable, attractive, low maintenance, and resistant to extreme weather conditions. 

Stone Paved Driveway 

Stone is an attractive driveway paving material that blends well with any home design and landscape features. They are also durable, have low maintenance costs, and can withstand any climate. 

Gravel Driveway 

There are several impressive gravel driveway paving ideas that you can choose. Aggregate or gravel is not only a durable material, but it’s also budget-friendly. Gravel is attractive, has low maintenance and installation cost since you can lay it yourself without any professional assistance.   

However, you must prioritize the drainage system since gravel is susceptible to erosion.  

Tarmac Driveway 

These are driveways that starts from the front of your house and stretches to the nearby road. The tarmac driveway blends well with block pavers, thus an excellent driveway paving idea.  

Final Word  

As shown above, there are several driveways paving ideas that you can adopt. You only need to pick an option that blends well with the design of your home and permissible by the local authority.   

Above all things, ensure that your driveway is well built, and you can achieve this by seeking the help and guidance of professional pavers such as Bendigo Paving Contractors.  

The firm will give you an honest estimate and offer you a budget-friendly driveway installation service that surpasses your expectations.

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