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Lawn Edge Paving

paving contractors lawn edge paving

Lawn Edge paving will add a feature to your landscape that will create interesting and functional boundaries between your landscape and other surfaces. A lawn edge will keep your driveways and patios free of grass growth and will provide a barrier that will increase their longevity. We design lawn edges out of brick, stone and concrete. A properly designed and constructed lawn edge will add to your home’s overall curb appeal.

Lawn Edge Paving Design

We can use lawn edge paving to create stunning designs within your home’s landscape. Our designers will work closely with the homeowner to create a visual aesthetic that matches your home and your ideas. We can provide lawn edging that will outline your lawn, create plant boxes, gardens, and pathways around your home. Lawn edge paving can be used for any idea you have. Our designers will create a design that will be functional and look amazing. A properly designed lawn edge will increase the value of your home. Once the design is set, we can then begin your lawn edge paving project.

Lawn Edge Paving

Installing lawn edging is generally called curbing. Our design and implementation processes are the best in the region. You can schedule an appointment with one of our landscape designers and work out a design that will meet your needs and budgets. During design you can choose your brick, stone, and colors. Once a design is agreed upon our lawn edge paving contractors will arrive and begin construction on the project. Our contractors take extra care when installing your lawn edges and will provide service that far exceeds your expectations.

Lawn Edge Benefits

Your lawn edging is a barrier between your lawn and any constructed outdoor space. The biggest advantage you will notice is the visual aesthetic. An expertly designed lawn edge system will boost your curb appeal and impress your neighbors and friends. We can design lawn edges that create specific focal points within your landscape. You will notice the beauty instantly once we’ve completed your lawn edging service. The edging also provides a line of protection between your outdoor living area and invasive weeds or grass. Add lawn edging around your flower or food gardens to make beautiful outdoor areas. Your plants will flourish, and your home will look amazing.

Lawn Edge Maintenance and Repair

Over the years, your lawn edging may need repairs or service. Brick and stone are very durable but if uncared for they may need limited repairs. Our repair technicians will arrive and get your lawn edges looking like brand new. The process is quick and will cause minimal disruption to your home’s landscape. Our contractors will cut out damage, undercut sod, break up soil in the area, repair edges and apply top dressing. Once the repairs are complete to your lawn edge, your landscape will look like new. Contact us today to help you care for any lawn edge maintenance and repairs you may need.