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Stone Paving

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Bendigo Paving Contractors has been working with stone Paving for years. We love stonework and are excited to work on your next project. Stone paving has many benefits over traditional asphalt or concrete paving. The durability of stone is second to none and your new paved outdoor space will last for years. If damage ever occurs, stone-paved areas are simple to repair and will cause minimal disruption around your home during repair.

Visual Appeal

The visual appeal of stone is second to none. We can match almost any design you desire with our stone paving products. Add the right combination of colour and stone to create a unique visual aesthetic for your home and its landscape. Contact our expert team of designers and contractors today for more info and a free consultation.

Stone Paving Benefits

Stone paving is one of the first ways humans decided to pave roads. We’ve come along way since those times. Today we can design and create beautiful walkways, driveways and patios that will add to your home’s visual aesthetic and increase its value. Paving stones are easy to install and require no mortar to install. Our team can quickly install your paving with minimal disruption around your home. We can also repair your stones quickly and easily without replacing your entire paved outdoor area. The ease of install and repair makes stone paving a great choice for your next outdoor paving project.

Paving Durability

Stone is incredibly durable and will last for generations. Once completed you can rest easy and know that your paved surface will require minimum upkeep over the years. Compared to asphalt and concrete, you will rarely have to repair or schedule maintenance to your stone-paved areas. If repairs are required, they are normally simple and will only require a few stones to be repaired.

Visual Aesthetics

Many people choose stone paving due to its visual aesthetic. Stones can be shaped into almost any design or form. We can work closely with you to ensure your ideas translate directly to the final product. Stones come in many different shapes, sizes and colours and our designers will help you pick out the perfect stone for your home. Use contrast colours or complementary colours to create complex patterns on your new patio or walkway. The design of your new paved space is only limited by your imagination.

Paving Stone Applications

We can provide paving stone surfaces for almost any home landscape. Asphalt driveways are a thing of the past. Invest in a stone driveway and you will have an attractive driveway that will last a lifetime. Add stone walkways to ensure a safe and non-slip surface for you and your family. Your pool deck also needs to be safe and nonslip. Paved stone will provide a safe option over concrete and will last decades. Outdoor living areas and patios look great when finished with paved stone. We can build your dream outdoor area with kitchen, fireplaces and firepits out of stone.