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Paver Sealing

paving contractors paver sealing

We offer a variety of paver sealing options to keep your patios, driveways and walkways looking amazing. Bendigo Paving Contractors has years of experience protecting stone and brick surfaces. We can seal your brand-new construction or your existing brick and stone structures. We have options that can change the look of your patio or keep its original beauty. Sealer will add an extra layer of security to your investment. Contact our customer service team today to discus all our paver sealing options.

What is Paver Sealing

Paver sealing is a process that is designed to protect your paver investment. Although your new brick or stone paver is very durable, it is constantly exposed to elements. A sealer creates a protective finish over your bricks and stones that will repel stains and deter surface damage. We can apply sealing to your pavers immediately after installation of your patio or driveways. Alternatively, we can care for your already existing brick and stone outdoor surfaces. It’s never too late to consider adding paver sealing to your outdoor brick and stone.

Paver Sealing Benefits

Your walkaways, patios, driveways and pool decks are constantly exposed to elements, traffic and wear and tear. A sealer adds another layer of protection to your investment. A sealer will inhibit weeds, grass and moss growth in any joints. The sealer will help repel stains, grease, and grime from touching your stones. Your patio will be easier to clean. The sealer will enhance your patio’s colors and texture. Our sealers are designed to protect against weather conditions and corrosive materials. Finally, they will add to the lifespan of your stone and bricks ensuring a long a beautiful life.

Paver Sealing Looks and Designs

We can achieve a few different looks with our paver sealant. Our natural look provides a matte finish. If you want to retain the original look of your brick or stone this is your best option. It’s a very effective sealer and is recommended for high traffic areas and pools. Matte finish is our best slip resistant option. The satin or semi-gloss option is great if you want a like new look on your patios or driveways. Our gloss sealer offers the most look enhancement to your bricks and stone. The glossy look will remind you of a ‘wet-stone’ look. The enhanced look will show the full depth of color of your pavers.

Paver Sealer Maintenance

Your paver sealer will generally last two years depending on the traffic and its exposure to weather. We offer a yearly maintenance and cleaning service to ensure your paver has a long lifespan. We can checkup regularly and perform a yearly or seasonal cleaning and maintenance service for you. Our contractors will arrive and inspect your paver and then perform a detailed cleaning that will remove any stains, grown grass, weeds and algae. We will protect and repair any joints that require attention. Finally we can apply new sealer that will keep your patio or driveway looking brand new.