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driveways paving in action

Bendigo Paving Contractors can provide you with a visually stunning brick or stone driveway that will impress your friend and family. Your new stone or brick driveway has several benefits over cheaper asphalt and concrete options. The visual appeal is the first thing you will notice. We can provide a designer to create intricate patterns with different color bricks. Your new driveway will look great and last longer than cheaper alternatives. Our team will provide all design and install services and could have your driveway fully built in days.

Driveway Paver Benefits

Driveway pavers have become a very popular option over the last decade. Brick and stone provide a reliable and durable foundation for your driveway. Your new driveway can withstand very heavy loads and will last for decades. You will need minimal upkeep to keep your driveway looking brand new. Bricks and stone are incredibly durable and resist the most extreme weather. Your home will look great longer and will save you money in the long run over cheaper materials. Let us design the perfect driveway for your home. We have designers waiting to work with you today.

Design and Aesthetic

Your driveway is the gateway to your home. Everyone who visits your home will drive or walk across your driveway. A stone or brick driveway will impress your neighbors and friends. A properly designed and built driveway will drastically improve the curb appeal of your home. During the design process we can create interesting patterns with different color bricks and stone. Make a great first impression with a brick or stone driveway. Our design team is always ready to tackle new and interesting projects. Contact our customer service team today and we can get started on designing your new driveway.

Driveway Installation

Our professional installers can have your driveway installed within days. Once a design is ready, we can get to work installing your driveway and edging stones. Our contractors have years of experience working on unique and original driveway designs. Using the chosen bricks or stone, our team will lay your designed driveway with minimal disruption to your home and its landscape. Depending on size, your new paved driveway will be ready in days. You will have a durable and long-lasting driveway that will impress friends, increase your home value and add to your home’s curb appeal.

Driveway Maintenance

You will need little to no maintenance to care for your brick or stone driveway. Stone and brick are incredibly resistant to damage and weather and could last over twenty years without needing repairs. If you do notice broken bricks or stone, we have a team of expert repair contractors ready to resolve any maintenance issues that might arise. We can arrive and address any problem areas without damage to the remainder of the driveway. Most repairs will involve replacing the broken brick with a new matching brick. If displacement or severe movement of the driveway occurs, don’t hesitate to give the customer service team at Bendigo Paving Contractors a call today.