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Brick Paving

paving contractor doing brick paving

Like our stone paving services, Bendigo Paving Contractors offers brick paving services. Bricks offer many different advantages over asphalt, concrete and other building materials. Brick paving offers an easy to install option that can provide amazing results. Your finished product has flexible integrity which helps it maintain its form better than concrete. Brick is highly weather resistant and quite durable. Your new brick patio will look amazing and function for years after it’s installed. Feel free to contact our customer service team today to discuss all our brick paving options. We can get started on designing your new driveway, patio or walkways today.

Brick Paving Advantages

Brick paving offers a unique set of advantages of traditional asphalt of concrete paving. You can trust your new patio to be naturally slip resistant when crafted from bricks. Bricks are incredibly strong and durable. They can withstand very high load levels which makes them perfect for driveways. Bricks retain their color for a long period of time. Weather and Sun exposure will not cause your bricks to lose their color. Bricks are made of clay and are very environmentally friendly. The natural clay material makes brick paving very eco-friendly.

Brick Paver Applications

Bricks can be used for almost any outdoor application. They are incredibly durable and easy to install We can design a grand entrance driveway with bricks that will give a lasting first impression. Patios made of brick are increasing in popularity. We can design intricate patterns with the right bricks and colors and give your patio a visually pleasing aesthetic. Pool areas are constantly wet and are a huge slip risk. Luckily bricks have a naturally slip resistant surface. Your pool patio will be safe and look amazing when crafted with bricks.

Slip-Resistant Surface

Bricks are naturally slip-resistant. Bricks can be used for any surface, but they excel at high traffic walkways, pool patios and other outdoor high traffic areas. All our bricks provide a natural slip resistant surface that will decrease the risk of slips, falls and accidents. They are great for areas that will get wet and will provide you with a higher level of safety than concrete. Our contractors are available now to discuss your high traffic, wet surfaces today. Your home will be safer and look amazing after a slip-resistant brick patio or driveway is installed.

Design and Installation

Bricks can be placed in almost any pattern imaginable. With the correct choice of brick color, you can create amazing patios, driveways and walkways. Since each brick is uniform in shape and size, installation is quick and painless. Your brick outdoor area will be installed in no time. We can design any size, shape and design for your new brick paved area. Bricks can come in a variety of colors and styles to enhance your home’s landscape. You can work closely with our professional designers to create stunning visual outdoor spaces. We have customer service representative available today to discuss your outdoor paving options.